Pre-Fabricated Plant Room Distribution Systems

Rhico PFPR C-Zone Manifolds

The Rhico C DN65 2 and 3 circuit distribution modular zone manifold is made with cylindrical flow and return tubes, completely separated and insulated. The main connections to the heat generator and to the secondary circuit are flanged.

Suitable for all applications

‘CONNECTA’ kit makes it possible to:-

  • Install it in small and confined spaces (90° curved connection for the zone manifolds)
  • Connect several zone manifolds of different sizes (pump group reduction kit)
  • Satisfy any type of heating/cooling demand independently of the zone manifold connection (adapter kit for pump groups up to DN25)

The Rhico PFPR system is the first ready-to-use solution that supports twin head pump installations.

  • Separated and fully insulated flow and return
  • Tested and ready for the installation
  • Access point for draining the system
  • Painted with epoxy powder coating
  • For heating and cooling
  • Max. working pressure 10 bar
  • Flange cover included in the insulation
Description Part no.
C DN65 2F – 2 Zone Manifold – Insulated 49043690
C DN65 3F – 3 Zone Manifold – Insulated 49043691
Technical specifications
Output ΔT 20 K 1600 kW
Max. flow rate 70 m³/h
Max temperature 100°C
Max. pressure 10 bar
Nominal Ø of primary
circuit flanges
DN100 PN10 8 holes
Nominal Ø of secondary
circuit flanges
DN50 PN10 4 holes
Internal speed 1.00m/s
Material of zone manifold Fe EN 10217-1
Material of insulation EPP 40 g/l
sp 30 mm
0.035 W/mK
Max overall dimension
(packaging) 2 circuits
L 1360 x W 420 x H 958
Max overall dimension
(packaging) 3 circuits
L 1960 x W 406 x H 958
Painted with epoxy powder coating
Rhico PFPR DN65 C-Zone Manifolds Dimensions
Accessories Part no.
KIT CONNECTA PC – Support 49018205
KIT CONNECTA FC – DN150 PN10 8 holes blind flanges 49156731
KIT CONNECTA A90 DN150 – On demand 49201190
KIT CONNECTA RC DN150-DN100 – Connection 49201130
KIT CONNECTA VC – DN150 PN10 8 holes flanges connection screws 49156715
KIT CONNECTA RG DN65 > DN50 – Reducers 49201120
KIT CONNECTA RG DN65 > DN40 – Reducers 49201118
KIT CONNECTA RG DN65 > DN32 – Reducers 49201116
KIT CONNECTA RG DN32 > DN25 – Reducers 49200420

For further details and information on accessories, please go to the accessories page.