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About us

Rhico is a UK manufacturer that has been making heat interface units and cooling interface units since 2012. We are proud to say thousands of homes are kept warm with our products, and our HIU’s and CIU’s have a reputation for being dependable and easy to use.

Rhico has deep rooted connections with the new build and social housing markets, regularly working with both markets on a variety of installation projects.

All our heat interface units use the latest technology to ensure the highest energy efficiency requirements, are completely environmentally friendly and easy to use. Each unit is rigorously tested before leaving our factory, so reliability is guaranteed.

At Rhico we guarantee our clients the highest levels of service and technical support during the project process and for the equipment’s lifetime, while working closely with our partners to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability wherever possible.

Rhico Design

Designing and sizing energy efficient central plant and district heating systems is critical for optimum performance and integration without waste.

Rhico’s trained office staff have over 10 years experience designing superior heat interface units (HIU’s), continuously up dating our products to insure we remain at the forefront of the industry. Reducing primary flow and return temperatures is now a key focus for consultants and design engineers when designing efficient systems, allowing the integration of renewable technologies such as heat pumps and CHP.

Rhico’s new ULTRA LEAN range of HIU’s have been designed to operate on primary temperatures as low as 55 degrees C, while producing instantaneous hot water flow rates up to 65 litres per minute and heating outputs of 15KW. If higher demands are required, Rhico’s new cascade system can be employed. By using this method hot water production, DHW can be increased to over 195 litres per minute.

For more information on Rhico’s design service please contact our technical team on 0800 975 0795.

Why us?

  • Unrivalled ULTRA LEAN HUI performance capable 22.9 l/pm at 50˚C (primary temp. 60˚C)
  • BESA approved
  • Independently tested by BSRIA
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Available from all major UK distributors
  • Five year warranty
  • White label branding of products for distributors
  • WRAS approved


Ultra Low primary temperatures – Ultra High DHW production!

Rhico TI45 Ultra Lean Heat Interface Unit

TI45 Ultra Lean – Enquiries


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